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JinkoSolar has supplied its liquid-cooled C&I energy storage system to Hangzhou First Applied Material Co., Ltd.

JinkoSolar’s SunGiga has become a new high-growth track and is widely deployed within the C&I market due to its high degree of safety and reliability, combined with cost reduction and increased efficiency.

As large-capacity and high-rate energy storage systems become a trend, energy storage safety issues are gradually being paid attention to. Upgrading the energy storage thermal management system is one of the solutions to improve the safety of energy storage systems. 

JinkoSolar’s SunGiga ensures good heat dissipation efficiency, heat dissipation speed and temperature uniformity thanks to its patent liquid cooling system. The temperature control of the liquid cooling system is more precise, which helps to extend the life of the battery. Compared to air cooling, the density of the coolant is 1,000 times that of air, and the specific heat capacity is 4 times that of air. It has the characteristics of large heat-carrying capacity, low flow resistance, and high heat exchange efficiency. The air-cooling systems can control the temperature difference to 5-10°C. The conventional liquid cooling system can reduce the temperature difference to 3°C, while JinkoSolar’s liquid cooling can lower the temperature difference down to 2℃. This significantly improves the uniformity of the battery during charging and discharging and is expected to extend the battery life by more than 2 years.

With the rapid development of the domestic energy storage market, downstream energy storage integrators and end-user business customers are accelerating the deployment of energy storage liquid cooling technology, and adapting to the changing needs of the market. As more and more practical application projects are involved, JinkoSolar’s liquid cooling ESS solutions are quickly becoming mainstream in the C&I energy storage market.

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