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JinkoSolar will provide 8 units of its popular ESS product, SunGiga, with a rated capacity of 1.72MWh to Tadiran Energy Solution Ltd. in Mideast for peak shaving and various benefits.

The current major challenge in the development of battery storage systems lies in effectively managing the heat generated during the charging and discharging processes. Particularly in C&I scenarios, if the batteries are not operated at the appropriate temperature, it can lead to not only a decline in battery performance, a significant reduction in lifespan, and damage to battery components and system shutdown, but in severe cases, overheating of the batteries can cause them to reach a point where they cannot withstand the temperature, resulting in explosions and fires, leading to unimaginable losses. Therefore, the safety of the system remains a critical concern and even a first priority consideration.

Since JinkoSolar introduced the SunGiga with an incredible boast of performance and safety, it competes against its rivals by addressing many of the shortcomings of its predecessors in terms of charging and discharging efficiency and thermal runaways.

The advanced liquid cooling system developed by JinkoSolar for its SunGiga has made an already well-accomplished energy storage system even better, and the SunGiga deserves its popularity in the C&I market.

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