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JinkoSolar, the global leading PV and ESS supplier, has signed a contract with U Energy (Yorkshire) to supply its liquid cooling C&I energy storage system (ESS) SunGiga in UK.

SunGiga ESS is tailored for commercial and industry energy storage demand and adopts advanced liquid-cooling thermal management and AI to monitor battery cells.

The featured liquid cooling system of Jinkosolar’s SunGiga controls the temperature difference between cells within the industry’s lowest level of 2 Celsius degrees. The uniformity and homogeneous temperature inside the batteries and packs significantly minimize battery regionally overheat, increase charging and discharging efficiency up to 94% at system level. More importantly, high efficient and uniform cooling aided by smart monitoring of coolant flow and replenishment avoids the overheat of battery cells which is the primary factor causing fire. This ultra-safety advantage is one of the key reasons making SunGiga most popular for C&I customers.

JinkoSolar’s flagship C&I ESS enables the project a favourable return on investment through peak shaving — charging the batteries when electricity rates are at their lowest and discharging when needed.


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